Art & Drawing groups

Art group - Monday morning

We are a small group of rather laid back amateur artists with a membership of about ten.  Classmates mainly do their own thing and receive non-threatening advice from more experienced colleagues.  We hold small Christmas and summer competitions each year. The group also introduced non-compulsory monthly themes in 2011/12; some of these were more successful than others.

Our list for 2013/14 is:

October.       Birds. 
November.    Pictures in the style of LS Lowry.      
December.    A Christmas scene.
January.       Still life with 3 objects. 
February.     Mixed media open subject.
March.         A group montage, landscape. 
April.           Cartoons, original or after, action, heroes, manga, animal or cute artists.
May.            Sun painting in manner of Turner. 
June.           Work produced from sketches, studies or own photographs.
July.            Paint in 3 colours.
August.       Group montage, action scene.
September.  Miniature picture, open subjects

Art group: Tuesday morning

We are a self-help group of amateur artists.  Throughout the year we do various projects, i.e. exhibitions, days out, and visits from professionals demonstrating their expertise.  A recent exhibition has been held in the Hospital, another last August in Bideford, as well as a demonstration. in The Blue Lights Hall in Appledore, where we meet.

The Drawing Group

The group meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month in the Upper Room, Northam.  They have been meeting for just over four years and over this time individual members have explored and developed many basic skills in drawing and they are now confidently applying these skills to their own work.  The group feels strongly that drawing is the bedrock of most artwork and their emphasis on under-drawing for painting for example. is evident in their work.

The organisation of each session allows time for group members to explore different approaches which may be new to them and to apply these, where appropriate, to their own work.  The group is now confidently organising its own exhibitions every other year and some members are successfully getting their work accepted into other local open art exhibitions.

Daphne Ellis Art group

This is a new group open to all groups and meets twice a month

January 2015