Book groups

Book group 1

We currently have 11 members which we feel is a maximum. We meet monthly in the Upper Room and each member takes turns in choosing a book and then starting the discussion at the meeting. This works well as it provides a wide range of authors and interests.  Each book is reviewed for the Newsletter by the person who chose the book.

Book group 2

This group meets once a month. Our books are chosen from a list supplied by Exeter Library.  The members of the group have a wide range of tastes in reading so the discussions can be lively. We do not take ourselves too seriously, the emphasis of the meetings being to broaden our range of literature in an enjoyable way.

Book group 3

Book Group 3 meets on the first Tuesday in every month in the Upper Room, Northam at 2.30 p.m.  We would welcome new members as we still have three places to be filled.

Book Group 4

Book Group 4 meets on the second Tuesday of the month in the Upper Room, Northam


Play reading group

Please see monthly Newsletter.


June 2018