Language groups

German Group

This is a group for those who already know some German, approximately the old "A" level but nobody is quizzed about their qualifications. During the meeting we often revise a bit of grammar, have some general conversation and some reading from a current German publication.  It is all quite informal and nobody is pressd too hard.
We meet on Thursday morning, usually twice a month, depending on holidays etc.

June 2018


The level of competence ranges from near beginners to quite good but we try and cater for all abilities; some also have experience of other languages which helps. All are keen and interested.
We try and embrace the four main skills in language learning; listening, speaking, reading and writing with a wide coverage of the necessary grammar. Our resources are wide-ranging, including various course books, tapes, CDs, novels, newspaper material from Spanish sources on the internet, past GCSE exam papers, events of topical interest and personal experiences of our members.
 The group has fortnightly two-hour sessions on Wednesday afternoons. Classes normally run from 2.00pm to 4.00pm or from 3.00pm to 5.00pm if it is a U3A monthly lunch day to allow class members to attend both functions.

June 2018


details to follow