Science, technology & society group

This group, the first of its kind in North Devon, was originally set up by, and for retired scientists & engineers.  But we soon realised that, for the group to flourish, it would need to also attract the many U3A members from other backgrounds, who take an interest in science and technology, but would be put off by a purely academic agenda.

We want to entertain as well as educate, so we always try to choose subjects that are familiar, and relevant to everyday life.  And our speakers, either our own volunteers or invited guests, take great care to pitch their presentations at a level appropriate to our mixed audience.  Meetings are informal and questions are always welcome, so no-one need feel intimidated about chipping in.  

We meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except July, August & December) at 2:30 pm in the Upper Room.  Our program for 2017 is as follows:

24 January:    Seaweed: the slime that could save the world
28 February:  Space Weather
28 March:      Crude Economics: behind the scenes at an oil refinery
25 April:         Open Forum: your questions answered
23 May:          The Origin of Life
27 June:         Modern Miracles: medicine in the 21st century
July/August:   No meetings (summer break)
26 September:  Lives on the Line: how accidents made our railways safe (part II)
24 October:   Digital Technology: Digital Technology: what’s next, and are we ready for it?
28 November: AGM, films and fun

January 2017