Poetry Writing Workshops.

This new group for 2016 is designed to provide activities for members to develop poems in a relaxed supportive
setting. We will be dealing with a variety of poetry arrangements, from traditional forms to free writing, so there is something for everyone at all levels of ability.

Writing groups 1 & 2

There are 2 Writers' Groups, each with a membership of about 8.  Each group meets once a month and occasionally have a joint meeting.

During our meetings we write short pieces - short stories or poems - using a variety of ideas for inspiration.  In the past these have included:

incorporating certain words in the writing,

using pictures,
book titles,
the first line of a book or poem,
objects in the room,
first paragraph/last paragraph.
We have also used ideas in the U3A Handbook for U3A Creative Writing Groups, compiled by Maggie Smith, National Creative Writing Co-ordinator for U3A and we also receive her quarterly Newsletter.

We generally read out our efforts - also pieces we write at home.  Members are encouraged to write longer pieces, although there is not enough time to read them in full during the meeting.  We try to make constructive and positive comments.  We do not have any members at present who have published anything, but we encourage members to enter competitions or publish something if they are interested.  We aim to enjoy our writing. 


June 2018